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Opus Unicus Gallery of Art & Museum
a place created out of love for art

For many years, we have been building our private art collection, with an emphasis on workshop graphics. Ultimately, we decided to share this beauty and its message with you by creating the OPUS UNICUS private museum.

Our mission is not limited to presenting and sharing our collection, but also includes promoting contemporary art as such, hence the OPUS UNICUS Gallery of Art is also a commercial gallery, where you can purchase a piece of "beauty" for yourself. A beauty that is a good investment for the future. Art is a constant increase in the value of a work. A safe investment for generations, much more effective than low-interest accumulation of funds in bank accounts in Europe facing high inflation (loss of value of money).

OPUS UNICUS Gallery of Art has set itself the goal of promoting and selling the art of talented, outstanding Polish artists in our native soil and in the world. We invite you to vernissages, social meetings, talks about art, tasting fine drinks, and finally artistic workshops for children and adults.

In our collection, apart from painting and graphics, including workshop graphics, such masters as professor Krzysztof Wieczorek, Zbigniew Czop, Andrzej Strumiłło, Kacper Bożek or the outstanding contemporary symbolist Marcin Sacha, you can see sculptures of a world-renowned Polish sculptor - and Igor Mitoraju, who eventually lived and worked in France and Italy, where his Renaissance Masters.

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